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A Book just Isn’t Enough...

Here’s How To Turn Napoleon Hill’s Theory of Success
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The single most prolific writer on the topic of success in the last 150 years was Napoleon Hill. He summarized the lessons of the world’s most successful people, as well as the lessons of thousands of failures.

As with all books, there’s theory… and then there’s actual practice.

Napoleon Hill knew people wouldn’t know how to apply the theory, so during his last three years, he poured all his gathered knowledge and wisdom into one person. He taught this now highly successful man how to apply the theory of success into the practice of success. (Hill died before he could turn this into his own program.)

You may even know this man, whose name is Ben Gay III. Popular keynote speaker, business coach to top companies, and founder of the world’s most successful sales training, Ben Gay III has been sharing with me, Mark Harris, the most important lessons he learned from Napoleon Hill. And now we’re ready to bring this indispensable program to YOUR tribe.

Why Promote The Last Protege?

It’s Simple: Align Yourself With The #1 Name In “Success”.

Make A Difference While You Make Money.

  • Your tribe will benefit not only from the research of the top 500 successful people interviewed by Napoleon Hill, but also the 20,000 failures he studied as well.
  • They’ll discover the transformative “ah-ha” moments Hill shared with Ben Gay.
  • They get strategic advice, guidance, and the most powerful thoughts about leadership that can be found anywhere… enough to take THEM to the next level…

What do you get by promoting The Last Protege?

  • You will never get another chance to be this close to Napoleon Hill. What’s that worth to you over the next 5 to 10 years?
  • You may never get another chance to participate in such a powerful launch. It’s going to be the talk of the internet. Everyone’s going to want to be part of this program, and you can be the first to bring it to your followers. That means you’ll help them be more successful… and they’ll love you for it.
  • You’ll be able to make the leap - both for yourself and for your followers - between “success” and “true success”. There are only a handful of people who understand the difference. Now you, too, will be able to discover the difference and leapfrog over your competitors, while helping your followers leapfrog over theirs.
  • There will be generous prizes for top promoters! More info to come soon!

How will you promote The Last Protege?

You’ll have many options. We will be holding “megahangouts” with multiple guests. Be aligned with the other top people in your industry by being scene on the same screen!

You will be given swipes and information to share quickly and easily with your followers. We’ll make it very easy to make a big impression. All you need to do is personalize it.

What is The Last Protege?

Meet Ben Gay III

Dear Fellow Salesperson:

In all my years of professional selling, I've never lost the wonder I first experienced as a young boy watching my father and his salespeople give their sales presentations.

Although I didn't yet appreciate the years of preparation that had preceded those sessions, knew my dad and his salespeople had the amazing ability to move people to take action through the sheer power of their ability to talk. I Was hooked.

Then, a few years later, I found myself in a direct sales organization where I was literally surrounded by the men and women who were the top salespeople in the nation at that time. Imagine! A young man from Atlanta, Georgia was hobnobbing with the likes of J. Douglas Edwards, Fred Herman, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Merle Fraser, MelLanius, Bill Dempsey, Gladys Terrell, Hal Krause, Cavett Robert, Gladys Smith, Ray Considine, Larry Wilson, Bill Gove, Walter Wells, Barbara Dempsey and the greatest Master Closer I personally ever worked with, James H. Rucker, Jr.

And keep in mind, I wasn't watching these people on videotape. I wasn't listening to them on cassettes in my car. I wasn't watching them through binoculars from the third balcony of some auditorium. I Was out prospecting with them. We gave meetings together. We closed sales together. We traveled together. We ate together. We visited in one another's homes.

I don't believe a sales environment like that had ever existed before. I know it hasn't since. But in my live seminars I now teach exactly what I've learned from them and with them...and from the thousands of other sales experiences I've had over the past 30+ years.

So, I promise you this. As best I know it, I'll share the absolute unvarnished truth with you. I'll show you how to become as successful in selling as you and your salespeople are capable of becoming. And when we're done, you'll each have a clear-cut plan for maximizing your sales careers.

If you're ready to move to the next level of sales development, or if you're responsible for taking your sales organization to theirs, it's probably time for us to talk. Feel free to give me a call.

Ben Gay III