"In theory, theory and practice are the same.
In practice, they are not."

- Albert Einstein

Most People Don’t Know...

But During The Last 3 Years Of Napoleon Hill’s Life He Mentored A Man Who Went On To Become A Hugely Successful Business Leader. That man was Ben Gay III.

Dr. Hill Taught Ben How Most People Think They've Got His Success Theories Right... But In Practice They Don’t!

You’ll Be Able To Join Us As We Discover How To REALLY Use The Laws Of Success, Originally Compiled From More Than 500 of the Most Successful Business People of All Time, And Use Them To Transform Your Enterprise, Your Career and Your Life… To The Place Of Your Dreams.

As Albert Einstein Said In The Above Quote: "In Theory, Theory And Practice Are The Same… [But] In Practice, They Are Not"

If You’ve Ever Read, or Wanted To Read, Any Of Napoleon Hill’s Works, Then You’ll Want To Discover With Us The Massive Difference Between Napoleon Hill's Theory, and The Right Way To Practice Them.

Announcing… The Last Protege.

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